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At-Home, Online, EMDR Eye-Movement Therapy

What is Virtual EMDR?

Complete, online EMDR Eye Movement Therapy specifically designed for you to use at-home with or without the assistance of a Therapist.​ ​
  • -Addictions 
  • -PTSD and Trauma 
  • -Phobias and Fears 
  • -Grief and Loss 
  • -Depression and Unwanted Emotions


Users are guided Step-by-Step through the EMDR Process with helpful Illustrations, Interactive Features, and Instructional Videos. All you need is a Computer, iPad or Tablet, and some Headphones.

Symptom Specific Treatment Programs

Unique EMDR Treatment Protocols to Effectively Manage, Decrease, and Eliminate your Symptoms

Fears and Phobias

  • Fear of Flying 
  • Public Speaking
  • Agoraphobia
  • Fear of Spiders, Snakes, and Animals
  • General Fear and Anxiety

Trauma and PTSD

Victim of a Crime
Survivor of Physical/Sexual Abuse
Survivor of Domestic Violence
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Accidents or Natural Disasters


Alcohol and Drugs
Sex, Love, and Porn Addiction
Abuse and Misuse of Prescription Drugs
Compulsive Overeating​

Grief and Loss

  • From Divorce
  • Loss of a Relationship
  • Death of a Loved One or Pet
  • Abortion or Miscarriage
  • Loss of a Child

Unwanted Emotions

  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Anger and Rage
  • Frustration and Disappointment
  • Persistent Anxiety

Clinical Results Guaranteed

Designed and tested with the input and guidance of Therapy Professionals, experts in Neuroscience, and EMDR Clinicians, our program features the same type of EMDR Technology being successfully used by Therapists and Addiction Rehab Centers worldwide.​


Some Kind Things People Have Said About Us
This writers and staff at the Addiction Blog website spent some time trying out sessions of the Virtual EMDR Addictions Program and also working with our EMDR Session Tool Software. They wrote this great review about their experience. “EMDR for Addiction at Home? Program REVIEW" When asked if they would recommend Virtual EMDR to others, they wholeheartedly said "Yes!"

The Addiction Blog

Current Trends in Behavioral/Chemical Addictions
"My issue is PTSD from years of severe child abuse. I've done four sessions since joining Virtual EMDR over a week ago. The first time it was very light - focusing on getting over my anxiety at keeping an appointment in my neighborhood. The second and third sessions had to do with isolated traumatic experiences in my adolescence. All three gave me relief from my anxiety around those events."


Virtual EMDR Customer
"I lost my wife more than a year ago and still the emotional pain was hard to live with on a daily basis. Losing someone is very hard, but I felt emotionally frozen and I knew I had to try to get my life back. Using the Virtual EMDR Program helped me to face my hurt and put it behind me. I still hurt over my loss, but it feels more normal now and I am no longer overwhelmed with pain"

John G

"The online EMDR sessions helped a lot. I used the program to focus on abuse memories about my childhood and also around my parents getting divorced. I feel like the EMDR Sessions made those memories smaller and less significant. The thoughts impact my life less now. I used to think about it every time I was upset about something else, but now I don't think of them much at all."


Virtual EMDR Testing Phase Volunteer
"I had to fly to Seattle for a job prospect and was scared because I had not been on a plane since I was a kid. I avoided flying since I was a child, but had no choice if I wanted a better job. I did the program over the course of 6 weeks and found that when I took the flight at the end, I really wasn't scared at all. It's like the EMDR sessions 'shuffled' my fear somehow. I now also have gone to Dallas and felt no fear on the plane."


Stamford, Connecticut
"I have been a patrol officer for 9 years and was dealing with emotional burnout. Every day on the job felt the same. I was feeling angry a lot or I would switch to extreme sadness. I did EMDR with a therapist in the past and figured I would try it online. It worked just the same. I am thankful to have access to this therapy program-when I have a really bad shift, I do a session when I get home. It always seems to help."


Pueblo, Colorado, USA
Rachel Grant, M.A. Counseling Psychology is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach that helps survivors be free of the pain of their past. After trying the Virtual EMDR Therapy Program for herself, Rachel decided to recommend it to the members of her survivor’s group. You can learn more about Rachel’s Beyond Surviving Program at her website www.rachelgrantcoaching.com

Rachel Grant

M.A. Counseling Psychology
"Virtual EMDR is the ONLY tool I have found that ACTUALLY gets rid of Negative Beliefs, once and for all! After using it with the right 'Targets' I could see tangible, life changing results in hours. I've really never experienced such a powerful tool before, and I've tried pretty much every therapy known to Humankind. I will be using it personally and professionally for as long as I am alive."

Sophie Thorpe

Owner at Your Style Sister

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In some Clinical Studies, more than 70% of Test Subjects no longer demonstrated their Symptoms after as few as three Sessions of EMDR Therapy.
-Over 10,000 successful Virtual EMDR sessions provided. 
-Used by more than 1000 Military Veterans, Therapists, Law-Enforcement Officers, and First Responders.
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