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Remove the barrier that has been holding you back from being happy. Stop being cheated by your mental health and emotional issues and breakthrough. You have the power to end your pain and take back life... once and for all.

  • Free from the pain caused by Trauma, PTSD, and Grief
  • The fear caused by Anxiety
  • The overwhelming hopelessness of Depression and Addictions
  • And the sleepless nights wondering how life has gone so wrong

Want to feel better? We can help you take your life back once and for all

Introducing a revolutionary Mental Health treatment
that has helped thousands of people break free of emotional pain and live the life they deserve

... without pills or drugs

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... without fear of others finding out

Based on the proven science of

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is an extensively researched and scientifically studied therapy technique used by millions of clients and thousands of therapists around the world for more than 30 years.

Virtual EMDR is a complete, online EMDR Eye Movement Therapy Program specifically designed for you to use at-home without needing the assistance of a therapist.

Users are guided step-by-step through their EMDR session with helpful Illustrations, instruction videos, and the Virtual EMDR interactive software.

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EMDR is recognized by:

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Feel the Difference in as little as 20 minutes...
any time you need

When do YOU need help most?

60% of people

use Virtual EMDR at night

between 6 PM and 6 AM

when traditional help is least available. You can use Virtual EMDR any time any day, whenever you need help most

How much time do YOU need?

Most Virtual EMDR sessions

take just

20 to 40 minutes

and focus on the 1-2 issues that are causing you most pain right now. Use Virtual EMDR as often as you need

How will YOU feel afterwards?

90% of users

report a

noticeable improvement*

in their Emotional Distress after each Virtual EMDR session *change of at least 1 point on a 10-point Emotional Distress rating scale

Source: Data from over 5,000 Virtual EMDR sessions

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Virtual EMDR is not just EMDR ... it is
EMDR designed for YOU

Whether you have tried EMDR previously or are new to EMDR, Virtual EMDR is different.

Virtual EMDR has been designed by people who have been in your exact shoes. Who have experienced the same emotional pain that you are feeling right now. Who know what it's like to feel completely helpless... broken... afraid.... powerless... alone.

Who also know first-hand the obstacles that prevent you from getting the help you need: such as high cost, lack of time, inaccessibility, lack of success, fear and stigma.

That's why Virtual EMDR was designed for you, giving you the power to heal on your terms:

  • Designed by Experts: Based on powerful and proven EMDR treatment protocol
  • Controlled by you: Designed for use on your own, offering easy step-by-step interactive guidance
  • Customized to your needs: Select from specialized programs for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and more
  • 100% Anonymous: No one needs to know... ever
  • Always Available: Get help when you need it most, any time, day or night
  • Safe and Private: Allowing you to heal where you feel safest, in the privacy of your own home
  • ​Affordable and Unlimited: Get help as often as you need for one low monthly cost
  • ​Risk free: Try it free for 3 days before you pay anything
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