Are you resisting the things in your life that you simply can’t change? And is this resistance a sign of codependency?

The emotions that we stuff deep inside are by definition the emotions that we aren’t allowing ourselves to feel. And trying to control what we feel is rooted deeply in fear and feeling threatened.

World renowned author, spiritual guide, and mental health advocate Deepak Chopra has written the following quiz to help you get a sense of how much you are trying to control your emotional state in what may be an unhealthy way. It only takes about five minutes to do this. 

​What does this have to do with The Virtual EMDR Eye Movement Therapy Program? Nothing directly, but this quiz can give important clues about how we are feeling about ourselves, the overall state of our mental health, and how well we are dealing with our relationships with other people. In fact, a high score may indicate that we are in need of some EMDR sessions, one-to-one talk therapy, or even the support of a treatment group.

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Virtual EMDR Complete, Online EMDR Eye Movement Therapy:

  • - Eliminate Trauma/PTSD
  • - Stop Fear/Anxiety
  • - Shorten Grief After a Loss
  • - End Addictions
  • - Remove Unwanted Emotions