Vancouver-based counselor and EMDR Therapist Robert Grigore MCP,RCC thinks that people spend too much time, and too much money, in therapy without getting well. But he thinks he’s found a shorter and more effective way to help people get past their past, become healthy, and unleash their inner potential.

In March 2017, Robert is offering a free webinar on how to use EMDR in combination with traditional therapeutic approaches to permanently get over depression in three months or less. These webinars will explore where our depression comes from and also be filled with tips and techniques that anyone can use to deal with their day-to-day depression symptoms. Robert's talks fill up fast. You can sign up here.

​Grigore, who is now a therapist-partner with the Virtual EMDR at-home EMDR Eye Movement Therapy Program, says that his new approach is “life changing” for any of his patients who are willing to make the effort. ​

By first using EMDR Eye Movement Therapy to fix the underlying stress, traumatic memories, and emotional symptoms and directly after combining it with a more traditional talk-type therapy, Robert says he’s managed to help his clients get well in a fraction of the time.

This approach can produce powerful results, and change someone’s life forever.

“If it’s applicable for that client, if they kind of know what to expect with an EMDR session, then I will use the Virtual EMDR Session tool, especially for what I consider to be advanced EMDR clients,” he said. “I’ve used it with clients online through Skype and it’s been a really effective way to watch them go through the EMDR process. I guide them through every step.”

Robert said he was looking for a better way to do therapy with his patients and also bring his skills as a counselor and EMDR Therapist to a larger audience of people who need help. This made a partnership with Virtual EMDR a perfect fit for him. We are ecstatic to be working with Robert.

“In my in-person sessions I may guide a client on how to use the Virtual EMDR Session Tool. After showing my clients what to do, I am going to tell them that Virtual EMDR this is something that they can use between our sessions or when we meet for a session online,” he said.

Starting in March, Robert will be working with clients online and through Skype to coach them through the steps of how to use EMDR Therapy to eliminate depression. He will be offering a free depression webinars in March.

“The webinars I will be starting are going to focus first on understanding where the depressive symptoms are coming from which are the roots of the problem, and then how that’s being stuck in the brain. They are going to be about how EMDR can work on eliminating the source of the problem, not like regular talk therapy which is limited to giving you strategies for dealing with how you feel on the surface.”

In his new EMDR for Depression Webinar, Robert will show you:

  • What’s really responsible for keeping you stuck in your depression
  • Why EMDR is your best option if you are ready to move on with your life
  • How EMDR Therapy can help you in 3 months or less

Click here to sign up.

Robert Grigore is a Registered Clinical Counselor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors. He is a registered member with EMDR Canada, and holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Adler University. He practices a unique approach with his clients which combines Existential Psychology and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Robert is smart, passionate, and thoughtful in how he speaks to his clients. When you talk to him, you can tell he’s really listening and not just waiting for his turn to talk.

Robert dedicated himself to becoming a therapist as a way to better understand his own troubled past.

There was a time in his life where he was drinking too much, using drugs, struggling with his self-esteem, and even found himself in court facing a criminal charge of participant in a violent riot.

It was only through dedicating his life to reaching out and helping others that he finally found peace with who he was as a person and also strong and deep sense of purpose.

"I believe that everyone has the potential to design and follow their own authentic path to true success; the only thing that stands in the way are old wounds and old belief systems—once they change, everything begins to fall into place,” he said.

To learn more about Robert go to his website Grigore Counselling.

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