What is the Difference between Depression and Sadness?

It is important to realize that being sad or upset from time to time is a normal part of life because difficult life events happen to everyone. However, depression is more serious and is characterized by prolonged feelings of sadness and hopelessness which causes a person to lose their interest in daily activities and to decrease his or her ability to perform normal life activities.

Sadness is usually triggered by a specific event, experience, or situation. So we tend to be sad for something. Otherwise depression doesn't necessarily require a specific event, or situation so when we're depressed, we feel sad for everything. In addition while sadness is an emotion, depression is a medical condition.

If you think you are depressed, you should talk to your doctor, consider seeing a therapist, or try at-home therapies like the Virtual EMDR Eye Movement Therapy Program.

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Oluwakemi 22 May 2020 Reply

Please I need help on anxiety

Oluwakemi 22 May 2020 Reply

Please I need help on anxiety

Jose 24 May 2020 Reply


Taiwo 08 Jun 2020 Reply

Oluwakemi Can we talk??

Abed 14 Jun 2020 Reply

I am unable to move on.. I love my ex

Ronalyn 18 Jun 2020 Reply

Plss help me .. sometimes I can't control over thinking then I got nervousness

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