EMDR Simple Session Program


This is an extremely simplified version of the Virtual EMDR Program. It is not designed to treat trauma/PTSD, fears and phobias, addictions, anxiety, ​depression, low self-esteem, or to help shorten grieving time after a loss.​

Only the full Virtual EMDR Program has been designed to help with these kinds of issues. 


The Virtual EMDR Simple Session Program has been designed to just offer a sample of how EMDR sessions can change your mind and your thoughts.

The Simple Session Program can be used to help restore a sense of emotional calm when you are struggling with anger, stress, or sadness. With practice, EMDR Simple Sessions can automatically change the way that your brain responds to these negative feelings.

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Before You Begin Your Session

Best Practices

  Read and follow all instructions precisely

  Find a private, comfortable place where you will not be interrupted for at least 10 minutes

  You must wear headphones or earphones- your computer or laptop speakers will not work

  The Virtual EMDR Simple Session Program is not designed for the smaller-sized screens of hand-held phones. A wider screen such as a laptop computer,desktop computer, or a tablet is required