Success Stories

Inspirational Stories of Healing

Real stories received by Virtual EMDR. Some details may be disguised to protect confidentiality.

Working finally on Childhood Trauma with Virtual EMDR

I am a US Military Veteran who served in the Air Force. I was suffering from various symptoms of PTSD, including nightmares and triggers to certain life situations. 

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I could finally face the pain I buried for so long

As far as I can remember because I don’t remember much of my childhood. I grew up in home where I was cruelly teased by my sister to a point where I just became an introvert.

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Virtual EMDR works better than anything I have ever tried!

I grew up in a very volatile home, so Monday was like Friday and they all seemed alike. Many memories, but similar accounts. So it is really not one particular event, but many similar ones.

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You are saving lives

Hi there! I wanted to write and say how impressed I am with this EMDR tool, and say THANK YOU so much for creating it as thoroughly as you have. I have used it a handful of times this

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Healing through transformation

As a young child, I experienced extreme domestic abuse in my home. My father was an alcoholic, arriving home late and frequently beating my mother. He was impatient with us,

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Overcoming PTSD from severe child abuse

My issue is PTSD from severe child abuse. I've done four sessions since joining Virtual EMDR over a week ago. The first was very light - getting over my anxiety

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