Success Stories

Inspirational Stories of Healing

Real stories received by Virtual EMDR. Some details may be disguised to protect confidentiality.

  1. I slept for the first time since my husband's death

    My husband of 30 years was forced by a new insurance plan to go off some strong meds that severely affected his brain chemistry after taking it for ten years. But instead of the new meds 

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  2. Virtual EMDR has absolutely helped

    EMDR has absolutely helped! I think I'd still be feeling pretty messed up now if not for it. Definitely the weight of the things that were haunting me have significantly lifted.

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  3. Virtual EMDR completely changed my daughter’s life

    We used Virtual EMDR to address my teen daughter’s trauma, grief and fear. This program completely changed her life. Thank you!

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  4. Learning to be safe with myself

    I have been using EMDR to help with growing up with a shaming and abandoning parent. I internalize and do it to myself, which I've been "working" on for 25 years.

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  5. Getting sober with Virtual EMDR

    I never thought I could be happy, I had so many problems for so long that I thought I’d never crawl out of this hole in the ground...

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