Success Stories

Inspirational Stories of Healing

Real stories received by Virtual EMDR. Some details may be disguised to protect confidentiality.

Virtual EMDR works better than anything I have ever tried!

I grew up in a very volatile home, so Monday was like Friday and they all seemed alike. Many memories, but similar accounts. So it is really not one particular event, but many similar ones.

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My journey to health

I had a narcopath husband for more than 30 years. I also have a sister who started fights with me growing up and attempts to do so today. After learning about narcissistic abuse, 

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Laughter therapy

I started the session feeling shameful feelings of professional inadequacy and incompetence. I ended the session with laughing and laughing and laughing until I was crying about how

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How I overcame my health anxiety

I suffer from health anxiety. Virtual EMDR helped me a lot to once and for all defeat this problem. I had such Negative Beliefs about my health issues when I started that I thought

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