Success Stories

Inspirational Stories of Healing

Real stories received by Virtual EMDR. Some details may be disguised to protect confidentiality.

  1. Self-guided therapy is a gift

    I have PTSD and was an ER doctor for 15 years, the last 10 as an attending physician in a level 1 trauma center. I also flew Life Flight helicopter a couple of times a month for several years.

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  2. Laughter therapy

    I started the session feeling shameful feelings of professional inadequacy and incompetence. I ended the session with laughing and laughing and laughing until I was crying about how

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  3. I saw results almost instantly

    Sarah contacted Virtual EMDR via email to let us know how well the program was working for her. She kindly agreed to do a video interview, which is recorded and shown here.

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  4. I feel like me again

    I have suffered with depression for a long time, it’s something I have to live with….so I thought!

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  5. Overcoming PTSD from severe child abuse

    My issue is PTSD from severe child abuse. I've done four sessions since joining Virtual EMDR over a week ago. The first was very light - getting over my anxiety

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  6. Getting sober with Virtual EMDR

    I never thought I could be happy, I had so many problems for so long that I thought I’d never crawl out of this hole in the ground...

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