Success Stories

Inspirational Stories of Healing

Real stories received by Virtual EMDR. Some details may be disguised to protect confidentiality.

  1. Ending the Trauma cycle of my life after 9-11

    On September 11, when the World Trade Center attack took place I was in school just outside of Manhattan. At the time, they immediately called for any available medical volunteers to come help...

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  2. I slept for the first time since my husband's death

    My husband of 30 years was forced by a new insurance plan to go off some strong meds that severely affected his brain chemistry after taking it for ten years. But instead of the new meds 

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  3. Self-guided therapy is a gift

    I have PTSD and was an ER doctor for 15 years, the last 10 as an attending physician in a level 1 trauma center. I also flew Life Flight helicopter a couple of times a month for several years.

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  4. Virtual EMDR completely changed my daughter’s life

    We used Virtual EMDR to address my teen daughter’s trauma, grief and fear. This program completely changed her life. Thank you!

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  5. EMDR for Addiction at home? Program review

    Can you get effective EMDR therapy from home? The Virtual EMDR Program may offer you just that! Author and addictions expert, Lee Webber, experienced the program for herself and 

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  6. Getting sober with Virtual EMDR

    I never thought I could be happy, I had so many problems for so long that I thought I’d never crawl out of this hole in the ground...

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