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Videos that explain what EMDR Eye Movement Therapy is, how the the Virtual EMDR Program works, information about our EMDR Session Tool Software, and some Treatment Tips and Best Practices. 

About Virtual EMDR Eye Movement Therapy

Eliminate Trauma and PTSD, Stop Fear and Anxiety, Shorten Grieving Time After Loss, Eliminate Addiction, End Unwanted Emotions like Depression, Anger, or Low Self-Esteem.

About the Virtual EMDR Online EMDR Therapy Program

Designed and tested with the input and guidance of therapists, experts in neuroscience, volunteer testers, and EMDR clinicians. Our program comes with a 30 day refund guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, cancel and your membership will be refunded in full.

So What Exactly Is EMDR?

So what exactly is EMDR? And what is the Virtual EMDR online eye movement tracking and audio stimulation therapy program? This video answers these common questions. You will also learn about the history of EMDR therapy, what problems may be treated or eliminated with EMDR therapy, and also how EMDR continues to advance as a treatment approach for addictions, trauma and PTSD, fears, phobias, and anxiety, and also grief and loss.

EMDR Facebook Group Video

We have a Virtual EMDR Facebook Group where you can connect with thousands of members. 

You can find us at

Doing EMDR Eye Movement Therapy at home? Here’s the most important thing

You can’t just try EMDR Therapy one time and then throw in the towel and say “I’m not getting any better, this isn’t working for me.” The most important thing is to be patient and work your way through those first couple of awkward sessions where you are trying to learn the EMDR process.

Some of our EMDR Session Tools

We have made some new and improved EMDR Session Tools since this video was first created. This video shows some of our EMDR Session Tools including our EMDR Flash Tool, EMDR Advanced Tool, and EMDR Simple Session Tool for use with tablets or iPads. It is important to note that EMDR Session Tools like these are of no use without a specific set of step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do EMDR therapy at-home on your own.

Online EMDR Eye Movement and Audio Therapy for Addictions

Use technology to eliminate your addiction problem. Online EMDR Eye Movement Tracking and Audio Stimulation therapy program specifically designed for the treatment and elimination of addictions. Our program features the exact same type of therapy being used by psychologists, in-patient addiction treatment hospitals, and rehab centers around the world.